• About Trinity

About Trinity

Trinity is a residential college at The University of Western Australia, made up of vibrant young people from all over the world. We have excellent facilities, beautiful grounds and exceptional pastoral care, however it is our tight-knit community that really sets Trinity apart.

The College’s motto of Friendship, Learning and Growth is the cornerstone of all opportunities provided to residents at Trinity. We pride ourselves on providing our residents with an enjoyable living and learning experience within a safe, supportive and respectful environment.

We are a college of the Uniting Church in Australia, however we take residents of all faiths into our student accommodation. Our community represents a wide range of backgrounds and interests, and is made up of a mix of new and returning residents from rural Western Australia, interstate and overseas.

Trinity also provides accommodation for casual guests and conference groups, and has facilities available for seminars and training sessions throughout the year.

Take a look around our website, and if you have any queries, do not hesitate to contact the College.


Mission and Values

Mission Statement: Trinity is a university residential college that aims to enable residents to advance their learning, enhance their personal growth and develop their potential within a Christian context and in a spirit of friendship.

Friendship, Learning, Growth


Our Core Values

Community: Living and working in an atmosphere of mutual respect, support and care.

Diversity: Promoting diversity as a source of strength and encouraging an environment where all are treated equally and fairly.

Service: Contributing to the wellbeing of others through active involvement and leadership both within and beyond the College.

Excellence: Aspiring to be the best we can be in all we do.



Trinity is made up of Kingswood College and St Columba College. The two Uniting Church colleges began operating under the governance of one council in 2000, and completed amalgamation in 2002, uniting under the name ‘Trinity’.

Trinity is now the largest completely fully-catered college in Perth, and has grown a strong reputation as a place of ‘community’ across UWA’s College Row.

The Name: ‘Trinity’ was chosen because of its significant links with the Uniting Church in Western Australia. The term is also synonymous with university communities both in Australia and overseas. These links mean the name Trinity brings with it a sense of tradition and longevity.

The Crest: Trinity’s crest was designed to reflect its heritage, with symbolic representation from both Kingswood and St Columba Colleges. It also encompasses symbolism from The University of Western Australia. Bringing these elements together is the Celtic cross, a symbol of the Church.