O'Week 2017

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O'Week 2017

Well it was a huge first week back at Trinity in 2017. Our new residents arrived on Sunday 20th Feb and after picking up their keys and new sports uniform, were kept busy with ice-breakers and ‘speed-friending’. They also started learning their ‘fresher dance’ in preparation for the inter-college competition on Friday. After dinner, they finished off the day with pizza and drinks in the East Quad. A busy day all round!

On Monday, our domestic residents were treated to some beach activities while the new international ressies had their UWA orientation. After lunch, most people went to the zoo for an afternoon of hanging out with the animals. The Australian section was definitely a hit with some of the exchange students! In the evening, residents had a choice of four activities; Bounce, 10-pin bowling, Fremantle prison night tour or a walking tour of Perth finishing at San Churros. Each one had a large turn out, with almost every resident attending one of the activities!

On Tuesday the domestic and international students switched places, with domestic residents spending the day getting their bearings around UWA, while the international residents headed to Trigg beach for some beach time and surfing lessons. Though the waves were choppy, it was good to see many getting the hang of it by the end of the session! In the afternoon, the spaciousness of tthe Trinity quads was taken advantage of, with a huge outdoor laser tag area set up in the West Quad, and bubble soccer in the East Quad! Finally, fresher dance practice and then quiz night topped off the day. A huge day of activities!

On Wednesday, the residents had the chance to have a bit of a break, with minimal activities planned. Many science students chose to head across to UWA for the Science Commencement Ceremony. Others headed to the beach, or took the bus to the city to get some costumes for later in the week! Our Disney Dinner that night was a huge success, with most of the ressies really getting into the costume spirit!

On Thursday, arts, design and commerce students headed across to UWA for their respective Commencement Ceremony. For the other residents, it was another breather day, with lots of chill time to regroup after a late night for many on Wednesday. After residents returned from the beach and city in the afternoon, many 18+ residents prepared for the Res Club’s Meixcan party that night, while other residents ventured to Leederville for a coffee crawl.

On Friday, it was time to show off the perfected fresher dance at the Fresher Festival! After one last morning practice, the residents got painted up, then marched down to Matilda Bay to compete with the other colleges. Congratulations to the Res Club, who choreographed the dance, because Trinity won the competition! A video of the dance in full can be found on our Facebook page. Josh also took one for the team and won the hot wings eating contest by a mile! After the competitions, residents mingled with students from the other four colleges to the tune of free icecream and churros. After the Fresher Festival wrapped up, many residents headed over to UWA for the Guild O’Day Festival, whilst others headed back to Trinity to wash their body paint off! Then on Friday night, residents headed down the road to play lawn bowls. A fun, all-ages night to cap off a huge day!

Saturday was HOT. However 40 degree heat isn’t enough to stop our ressies! Over 120 people headed to Adventure World for a day of rides and water slides. The day ran smoothly, with all the residents having a blast, and we’re glad to say that there was minimal sunburn! That night, many 18+ residents got dressed up and headed to the UWA tav for the Res Club’s Rubiks Cube party.

Finally, on Sunday the East Quad hosted the Recharge Carnival. Hot tubs and couches on the grass were the perfect way to relax and recover from an enormous week for all the residents, and of course, brunch!

It’s been a crazy week for all the staff and residents at Trinity. Tonight, we wind down the O’Week festivities with the Commencement Dinner, but we can’t wait to do it all again soon!

To see photos of most of these events, check out the Trinity Facebook page (link at the top of the page). Don’t forget to like the page too, to keep up with future events!