Refurbishments around campus

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Refurbishments around campus

Throughout Semester One, we have been working hard to revitalise some of the common areas around campus for our residents. Finally, all our projects (for this year at least!) are finished and open for business!

The long-awaited Resource Centre opened on April 7th, and with exams approaching in just three weeks time, saying it has been busy would be an understatement! To refurbish the Resource Centre, we gutted out the existing building, with the ground floor now an ‘open plan’ area, and the top floor containing four separate rooms. On the ground floor, we have put booths divided by opaque glass screens, providing a degree of privacy for study, and along the west wall there are small group booths. The ground floor also has a printing area and kitchenette, for study snack preparation.

On the top floor, two rooms are set up as classroom-style study areas, with traditional desks and chairs, while a third room houses more informal couches for group study, or for use as a breakout area. The fouth room contains our purpose built design desk, specially built for our Bachelor of Design students. The desk sits low to the floor, allowing residents to be able to lean over their work as they sketch. We’re excited to be able to provide such fantastic purpose-built facilities for our residents.

The other area we have recently developed is at the back of administration; specifically the Cambridge Room and Rogerson Kitchen. The Rogerson Kitchen has had a huge makeover, with all-new benchtops, draws, furniture and appliances. This is the largest communal kitchen on the Trinity campus, and the refurbished facility is perfect for residents who wish to cook a meal or snack for themselves, or ther friends! The Rogerson Kitchen leads into the Cambridge Room, which has been repurposed as a casual dining and study area. Previously underutilised, this area will now provide another space for residents to study leding up to exams, and also has plenty of tables and chairs for those wishing to host a dinner party.

Completing the communal dining experience is our new outdoor area. The Cambridge Room leads into this brick courtyard and garden area, which is now filled with wooden bar-style seating and a barbeque. In the summer weather, this space will be ideal for residents wanting a quiet afternoon drink in the sun, or those looking to host a small gathering with food.

These three areas were opened on the 9th of May, with a huge official opening night of craft, ping-pong and gardening. Almost 200 residents passed through the space during opening night! There has also been plenty of action since, with kitchen being used for the first time the very next morning; some of our exchange students made pancakes! On the 17th of May, some of our Norwegian students hosted a champagne breakfast in the outdoor area, with a feast of Norwegian food and the singing of the national anthem for Norway’s National Day!

We can’t wait to see the creative ways these spaces are utilized in the future!