2.0 Week 2017

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2.0 Week 2017

2.0 Week was a huge way to kick off Semester Two for our new residents. We have had a particularly high number of exchange students this year, and just because they are coming in mid-year, doesn’t mean they should miss out on the orientation experience! With this in mind, we had a week full of activities to welcome our international residents to Perth, and introduce the residents to their new family.

Trips to the Pinnacles were one of the highlights of the week, with a bus and a few cars heading up north on two different days due to high demand. We loved the enthusiasm of the new residents - we had such high participation levels for all the activities that the bus couldn’t hold everyone!

We also did a day trip to the Swan Valley for some wine and beer tasting, plus a visit to a chocolate factory. This was a great way to show some of our foreign residents a side of WA that is well-known internationally - our vineyards!

Trips to Heirisson Island and the Zoo were also great additions to the week, and provided chances for residents to catch a glimpse of some of our unique Australian fauna. Some residents got more than a glimpse though, as the photo here proves, the quality of kangaroo selfies was outstanding! (That’s right, it’s not photoshopped!)

Evening activities included a Christmas in July ‘family’ dinner, an Aussie Quiz Night, a formal dinenr on the Friday and finally a Sundowner on Sunday to cap off an action-packed week and welcome in the returning residents.

So welcome to our new ressies - we hope that you enjoy living in our community! Check out all the photos on our Facebook page here.