Resident Leadership and Support Team 2018

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Earlier this month the Head of College announced that 2018 will see a revised structure for resident leadership, organisation and support responsibilities on campus. Reasons for the change include:

  • Providing a more cohesive and considered approach to the provision of services, events, activities and support for all residents
  • Clearly articulating the responsibilities associated with the various roles undertaken by residents
  • Providing more clarity, support and guidance for residents in leadership roles
  • Formally recognising and acknowledging the commitment required of residents to successfully undertake specific roles.

The Trinity Residents’ Club will now have an adjusted position within the College, with the committee comprising of four members who will oversee the organisation of selected College events.

The new positions will take the place of additional Res Club members, and will comprise of the following:
- Community & Service Resident Coordinator
- STUMPS Canteen Resident Coordinators
- Sports Resident Coordinators (Male and Female)
- Events & Social Resident Coordinator
- Arts & Cultural Resident Coordinator
- International Resident Coordinators

Successful candidates for these positions will be appointed by the Head of College.

Though these changes may take some getting used to for our current residents, we are looking forward to moving to a new leadership system that recognizes the diligent work put in by student representatives, and that celebrates our increasingly diverse community by running a greater array of events. Bring on 2018!