Trinity is a place where leadership is encouraged at all levels, from personal leadership and responsibility through to taking on formal roles within the College.

We believe that leadership emanates from who you are as a person - getting to know who you are, your areas of strength and your areas for development are key factors in your growth as a leader. Trinity provides many opportunities, formal and informal, for residents to develop their personal leadership capacity and capability.



Resident Advisors

Resident Advisors (RAs) are senior residents of the college employed by Trinity to help support residents with college life. RAs are responsible for ensuring that residents abide by the expectations for living in College, and for undertaking after-hours administration and management of the College on weeknights, weekends and public holidays. RAs are responsible and positive role models within the College, and facilitate enhancing community spirit by encouraging residents to take an active interest in the life of the College.

Residents’ Club

The Residents’ Club (Res Club) is the student run committee responsible for organising many of the activities at College. Committee members are elected annually by residents to run the social, sporting and cultural programs for the year.



Trinity Community Group

The Trinity Community Group serves as a central planning and support group for the College. This group works closely with the Head of College, Resident Advisors and the Residents’ Club to support whatever projects and programs are being considered, developed or implemented.

Ball Committee

The annual Trinity Ball is the largest event held by the College. Each year, a small committee of residents is put together to organise the Ball and after party.

Academic Support

Trinity Tutors are senior residents of the College who have obtained a High Distinction in a UWA academic unit. They then tutor that unit to and act as mentors to others at Trinity.

Lip Dub Committee

Lip Dub is a much-loved annual inter-college competition, in which all five UWA colleges participate. Each year, a committee is established to plan Trinity’s entry for the competition.

Sporting Captaincy

For many inter-college sports, the Res Club Sports Representatives may nominate team captains to represent and coach their team.

Charities and Community Events

You may also have opportunities to display leadership, or act in leadership positions, whilst volunteering through Trinity’s charity and community work.