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Other Important Information


Mail is sorted in the Resident Services area according to your surname. Mail will only be sorted if it has a resident’s name on it. Any incorrectly addressed mail will be returned to sender.

Please ensure that any mail sent to you is addressed as follows:

Your First and Last Name
230 Hampden Road
Crawley WA 6009

If you have received a parcel you will get an email from Reception advising you to collect it from Reception once it arrives.



Washing machines and dryers are located in the main laundry facility next to the Rogerson Centre and Sports Court, as well as on the top floors of the Derry, Durrow and Iona wings, and on the ground floor of Argyll. Open-air drying areas are located between South and Cook wings and at the back of Argyll. Irons and ironing boards are available in all laundry facilities.

Please do not risk theft by leaving clothes in washers, dryers or on clothes lines overnight.

All laundry facilities are complimentary. Facilities are for the use of Trinity residents and guests only.

Hours of operation: 6am to 11pm daily.



If anything is broken, missing or not working, please report it in the Maintenance Register, located in Resident Services.

The Maintenance Supervisor checks the register each weekday, excluding public holidays. Please report problems as soon as possible so items can be investigated or actioned that day.


Fire Alarms

The College’s Fire Detection System is linked directly to the Fire Brigade. Smoke detectors are fitted in all rooms and are very sensitive to smoke, burning incense, steam, dust and aerosol spray. Fire Services personnel must attend to investigate even if the activated alarm does not indicate a ‘real emergency’.

Should Trinity be billed for such a call-out, those responsible will be required to meet the cost along with the cost of having the smoke detector serviced.

Please use only the designated smoking areas to smoke on campus.


First Aid

First Aid kits are located in the Duty Office, the RA Officer, main Administration and in the main kitchen. Each wing also has a smaller First Aid kit. The Res Club have access to portable First Aid units that can be taken to sporting events. Members of staff have some First Aid training.

In an emergency contact the Duty Officer, Senior RA, Security Officer, Deputy Head or Head of College.  

In the event of a serious accident or if in doubt, call an ambulance without delay -  0-000 on an internal phone or 112 on a mobile – and indicate where the ambulance will be met. The Stirling Highway carpark or the Hampden Road front entry are the best locations, depending on where the patient happens to be.


After Hours Assistance

During the academic year, Resident Advisors and the College’s Security Officer provide after-hours support for the College. Each weekday night and all weekend, a Duty Officer is rostered on for after-hours emergencies and lock-outs. They carry the duty phone (extension 427) and master keys.

The Senior RA, Dean of Students, Security Officer, Deputy Head and Head of College live on campus and can be contacted in the case of an emergency. All relevant phone numbers can be found on the Telephone List



It is very important that you keep your keys and fob together and secure. You must have your keys with you at all times. Keys must not be lent to any other person, particularly non-residents.

If you leave College for any extended period, you must hand in your keys and fob to Resident Services during office hours. After hours, keys/fobs may be deposited in the ‘key return box’ in the Resource Centre.

If you do not hand in your keys and fob on time at the end of semester, it will be assumed that you are staying at College and you will be charged the normal occupancy rate. Please note very carefully that this requirement is not negotiable.

If you lose your keys or fob, the cost to you is $155 for a new key and $40 for a new fob.

If you mislay or have any problems with your keys, contact Resident Services during business hours or the Duty Officer/Security Officer after hours.