Become immersed in the Trinity bubble.

Trinity’s community is made up of vibrant young people from all across the world. We have excellent facilities, beautiful grounds and are ideally located in a central part of Perth. However it is our tight-knit community which really makes our College unique.

It is difficult to describe the atmosphere around Trinity, but before you know it, the friendliness and community spirit will have you caught up in village life, or as our residents call it, ‘the Trinity bubble’!

Trinity provides many opportunities for residents to make the most of College life. Whether it be through activities such as sport, social events or volunteering, or through providing high-quality facilities and services, there is a network of support across Trinity for all residents to utilise.

The Trinity experience cannot be summed up in just a few sentences, so we encourage you to explore the Community pages of our website. Or, to experience our community in person, contact us today to arrange a personal tour of the College.