Fees for New Residents 2019

Trinity is the best value residential college along College Row. The College takes pride in ensuring that the Trinity experience is as affordable as possible.


Our Accommodation and Catering fee for 2019 is $455 per week.


The Total Fee is made up of the Accommodation and Catering Fee plus the one-off additional charges as detailed below.

This Fee includes:

  • A fully-catered meal package; 3 meals per day, 21 meals per week including packed lunches and late dinners if required. Every resident, Every meal, Every day!
  • Your fully-furnished private study/bedroom and shared bathroom facilities
  • One set of linen, yours to keep
  • All services costs, including internet, electricity, gas and water
  • Free-to-use washing and drying facilities
  • Weekly room cleaning
  • 24-hour security
  • Access to all College facilities, including recreation areas, relaxation areas, computers, study rooms, the College Gym, music rooms, kitchens and more
  • Access to all College services, including academic support, personal development programs, our Health & Wellbeing counsellor, transport services and more
  • All Orientation activities
  • A wide range of sporting, cultural, community and social activities
  • Trinity merchandise
  • Free parking, if a permit is allocated
  • Free storage over the summer break for returning residents
  • Lifetime membership to Trinity Alumni


Trinity contracts new residents for 40 weeks (Full Year students) or 19 weeks (One Semester Exchange/Study Abroad students). In 2019 the contract dates are:

Full Year: 9am Sunday 17 February to 6pm Friday 22 November

Semester 1 Exchange: 9am Sunday 17 February to 6pm Friday 28 June

Semester 2 Exchange: 9am Sunday 14th July to 6pm Friday 22 November


These dates include an Orientation Week prior to the commencement of university.


2019 Fee Structure

The Accommodation and Catering Fee covers 40 weeks for a full year resident or 19 weeks for a study abroad or exchange resident.

Full Year

(40 weeks)


(19 weeks)

Signing Fee ​(due when the contract is signed). ​This fee holds a room until 25 January 2018.



Contract Fee (due on 25 January 2018). ​This fee confirms a room for the relevant contract period.



Accommodation and Services Fee at $313 per week



Catering Fee at $142 per week (Includes 3 meals per day)



Building Improvements Levy



Computer Network Support & Internet Access  (250GB per month)



Total Fee