Recreation Areas



The Trinity grounds contain one half-court basketball court and one full-size multi-purpose court (predominantly used for tennis, basketball and court soccer).

The Columba Room (College Gym)


Facilities include exercise bikes, treadmills, personal gym workout stations, elliptical cross trainers, rowing machines, a punching bag, weights and more. The room also has a TV and sound system, and is fully air-conditioned to keep you cool while you’re working out!

Music Rooms


Trinity has two music rooms located near the Dining Room. These can be used for practicing the piano, or any instruments you may have brought from home! These rooms are soundproofed and can accommodate groups and ensembles for practises. Some music lessons are also available on demand. Pianos can also be found in the JRCR and Rogerson Centre.



Trinity has two large grassy quads, and many smaller ones across the grounds. These quads are perfect for playing Frisbee, or kicking a footy or soccer ball around with friends. Our large outdoor areas are also great for studying, cooking on the outdoor barbecues or relaxing in the sun.